PPG L-Series & Ososik Decal Set

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With purchase of this  “PPG L-Series & Ososik Decal Set” you will be entered to win a PPG L-SERIES gear set.

PPG Raffle:

With this purchase you will enter a chance to win a PPG Gear set for your 2017+ Civic L-Series transmission.

Raffle entries are limited and must be completely filled for the raffle to start. Winner will be announced within 1-2 days after this product sells out. Only available for USA (Shipping to continental us).

Ososik Decal Set Includes

2x - Ososik Media "OG" Decal (8in x 3in)

1x - Ososik Signature Decal (4in x 1.5in)


Use the Ososik Media decal on your car, truck or favorite tool box. The Ososik Signature is sized to fit on most cell phones/cases. Be sure to tag us in any post you make with your new Ososik decal set (@ososikmedia)! The material is made up of high quality Medium-term indoor and outdoor vinyl with a clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive intended to last up to 6 years!